Intro remarks to audience…End of May 2015 at Fairview High School near Erie, Pennsylvania. Accompanied on piano by teacher, Laurie Hitt, which I deeply appreciate.  And I am principal for a couple more months.  Soon to be retiring into the sunset.
Thank you to everyone for coming out to the show tonight. Last year I did a number that was kind of a hit around here…it was a break up song… you may remember… I WILL SURVIVE (The band, Cake’s version).

This year here I am again….proof I guess that I HAVE survived. .. but now I’m going in a distinctly different musical direction ….wanting to do something that talks about looking at the big picture, something I like to do on occasion, contemplating where we all fit in the grand scheme of things.  and this song is really as big a picture as you can possibly imagine. I heard this ‘musical message’ way back in the eighties, and it’s been a hit for a couple of people over the years. The piece has always moved me…both for the melody and its simple but powerful images and reminders… so here we go.   I want to dedicate this performance, rough-edged as it might be, to both of our mothers…who we like to think did something right in raising us, and to Fairview High School, a place we will always hold in our hearts. The song…From A Distance.


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