In The Land of Dinosaurs

Last night again saw the benefits of being ancient (and wise), not counting all of the pains and aches and stiffness of mornings. Tinseltown gave me the old man price to get in to see the latest dinosaur epic Jurassic Park number 15 or whichever one it was. It was great and thrilling with lots of humans being chomped on ever so briefly and swallowed.   Isabel was on the edge of her seat and kept grabbing on to me. She knew I had grown up with dinosaurs so she figured I would know what to do to protect her.  I was quite valient throughout.  One of the most impressive things…redheaded daughter of little Opie of Mayberry of my youth can run like the wind in high heels!  T-Rex right on your tail will do that.

It was a late night showing and it was very much like a private viewing.  Just the way I like it.  Only problem…I was starting to get a little dehydrated…they wanted $4.50 for a bottle of H2O.  I refused  this highway robbery and was parched as we watched  …albeit highly entertained. A late night out on Friday. And Peach Street was nearly empty!!!  Where were all the other hipsters?

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