Labor Day

I had absolutely lived for WORK for decades.  I had even been a workaholic for years at the expense of other things, ignoring holidays and any attention to personal life.  I eventually saw the light (somewhat) and realized the importance of balance, while never losing that thrill of going to the job each day, and when not there, thinking about the latest tasks that were due.  What was energizing and FUN about the process was being able to perceive the whole idea of work as a creative outlet rather than drudgery.   Even with the inevitable frustrations and fumbles, I found great ENJOYMENT in each day of showing up for duty.  All of this said, one does ‘wear down’ with the years…and there is a definite need to find other releases for whatever creativity is still flowing in the veins and rattling around in the brain.  I am grateful beyond belief for having the chance to follow the new paths that are ‘out there’ for me now.

Today, in honor of the national observance, I did minimal labor…remembering all the important and fulfilling and just plain invigorating things I had done to earn enough to pay the bills, or on the other side of the scale, the dirty  or tedious or insignificant or less than enjoyable work we’ve all done over our lives.  Always trying, though, to make it count, see the nobility in it, and strive to get it right.  Taking a long breath today watching the dog and the trees and the horizon. Listening to the birds and feeling the breeze and the pleasure of the shade.  Quietly.  Then a calm, simple picnic among our tiny tribe.  Nice.  Also watched on YouTube my wife’s aunt who is famous singer in Peru.   One of the stranger Labor Day activities I can recall, but also pleasant.  Then a voyage on a whim west and south through the flat rural mysteries of the Ohio borderland almost getting lost before finding our destination: cute little town down there I remember from the Linesville days when I felt so ‘out in the wilderness’…Andover. Kind hospitality from young lady there who sold us ice cream and gave us directions to help us get back in the dark.  Pulled into a space in front of the smallest movie theater in the world…next to the one in the Andes mountains’ town of Huaraz where we honeymooned…with its blanket for a door at the entrance!!!  This one was showing Antman and I was tempted, believe me.  The unplanned journey …just getting up and going…worked out well and it was sweet not to have to worry about time.  Finished day back in the ‘cave’ with the bloody, scary vampire/ zombie show, “The Strain” and then a concert by the flamboyant giant musical talent from Mexico, Juan Gabriel…who gets all emotional when he performs. He does VERY big shows…(about 75 musicians and dancers) …impressive and high quality. Yes, a weird mix this holiday.  I wanted some curves thrown into the day and there were.

P100407U large thestrain juangabrieleldivomexico

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