Water In The Night

A nice idea this Poetry on Buses. I had gotten tipped off when I was back in Pennsylvania about this contest to select 365 poems. You can read them here http://poetryonbuses.org/poems-2017/

one day at a time with the links that become active on the day in question, or you can read them on the buses as you ride around.  Both the poems and riding around or good exposure to many cultures here.

When I finally got to Seattle I wrote a poem on the theme, although it was too late to send it in, but here is mine about water.


In the dark air
Right outside my door
to the world
I think I know,
is the hypnotic song of the nearby creek
And all the hidden creatures
that call it home
Persistent water
Clean water from
somewhere else
Now with us here
passing over rocks
Caressing them lightly
yet wearing them down
Pushing tenderly
between them
A cadence
A silver little melody
echoes through these woods
as water is going
Through here
to the next somewhere.
Renton, Washington

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