Daughter’s New Seattle Home

back yard 1

Our daughter and her fiancé finally were able to acquire a nice townhouse in the Central District of Seattle in crazy competitive/costly real estate ‘moment’ in which being able to ‘win’ the race to acquire a particular property is often disheartening and ruthless.  It took them a while, losing out on some properties they thought they liked, but none were as nice as what they ended up with, so it worked out well for them, for which we all feel blessed. Price was astronomical in comparison to all we know in Erie and other western Pennsylvania burghs and in most of country in between, north and south, but they’re in and comfortable and getting to enjoy making a new home. The place was largely in move-in condition.  Perfect location for them in that it is near downtown and public modes, with main attractions easily accessible to them either by mass-transit, bike, or even on foot.  They also have a car they lease for special circumstances, such as venturing into nearby mountains, or shopping for provisions, but it stays parked a lot.  Despite urban surroundings the street is quiet and they have a rare asset in place where every inch is precious — an enclosed backyard that is small by PA standards, but more than adequate — a green and quiet oasis for them and their cats and dogs to hang out/ entertain.  We worked with them to put in a patio for their lawn furniture and umbrella. You could write some powerful poetry in that idyllic refuge, I’m here to tell you. I’m proud of what they’ve accomplished and we get a kick visiting them to watch a game or shoot the breeze.  Today we went to make arrangements with representative from Lowes to install a nice new entrance door and bathroom window.  Personalized improvements to make it even more THEIR home. AND we connected the gigantic Klipsch LaScala horn speakers that I purchased in the mid-70s in San Francisco (each a 100 lbs!) and which I’ve carried around the country back and forth and up and down roads and stairs both. And they still sound clear as bells. I’ve passed them on to daughter for her living room where they serve dual purpose of audio equipment and pieces of furniture as they have for me over the years. Today we were able to figure out the connections to tv and my big and muscular receiver I’m also handing down for the musical /video cause. Another home improvement. And time marches backward too as they are playing LPs / vinyl as part of their musical arsenal. Now THAT stirs a memory or two in this old brain.

patioklipsch la scala

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