Every day there’s news and most of it’s unsettling.
We are all well. Largely staying at home with some short trips now and then for mail runs or to seek provisions. Watching lots of news. I REALLY know how to wash my hands now and do so frequently. Some of these states’ governors are really pulling through and doing right by their people. I’ve not seen Wolf much on TV out here, but our Governor Inslee, Gov. Newsom from California, and NY Governor Cuomo are standouts.

Juana, my sister-in-law, called to let me know she was soon to be out of toilet paper. Quite the emergency, when you come to think of it! She’s on foot and buses and had been going around looking for this necessity without any luck. I’m all right in the paper product and cleaning department (now and always have been!) so I went out to get her some at local CVS (they would only sell me ONE pack from behind the counter like it was diamonds or gold) …(I have to think that the paper companies are going to be resolving this ‘shortage’ soon) and ran it over to her in Kent. About 7 miles or so from our place.

Just got the word that Juana’s Goodwill store is being closed for at least 2 weeks. The company has offered to pay employees for that time off without her having to use her own sick leave or vacation days. After that period we don’t know what will happen.  The Great and Wide Unknown! It is a frightening time. Frankly, I’m glad to be retired, although I’m losing the income from the substituting which we use for Peru family expenses. And I can’t even summon the courage to look at my IRA. I’ve never seen anything like this in my lifetime — everyone getting hit hard from every angle, and so many who are not in a strong enough position to ‘wait it out’. I am confident that the country will weather it and eventually bounce back, but there will be much hardship — both from illness and economic shutdown. And much change.

We so need different leadership in the White House. That much is obvious. Millions are working on that particular problem. Happy to see so many coming together behind Joe Biden as someone who is calm, competent, scrupulous, and experienced to lead us from this dark period. Let’s keep our eyes on the money that will be for ‘assistance’…watch that it doesn’t go to the rich (oil, hotels, airlines, banks, pharmaceutical, and other corporations)…they got the assistance before and kept it all, when they didn’t even need it. In hard times like these, we need the wealth to be spread around as evenly as possible…to take care of everyone. Pardon the ‘wildness’ of that concept. All please stay well. May your humble abodes be comforting and keep you from harm’s way and have plenty to do so no one gets bored.


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