No COVID 19 symptoms for any of the three of us. Not going anywhere at all. Surviving with deliveries of supplies only. No trips to store now. Deliveries seem to be opening up just a bit (more temp hires of drivers?) Cleaning all delivery containers before storing and throwing away boxes and bags immediately. Lots of hands and door handle cleaning too. No face touching. No one comes into the apt. No restaurant food for fear of contamination. Just not taking the chance. Have home-made mask and will use it if need would ever arise to go anywhere.
Traffic and businesses are practically non-existent except for,I guess, groceries etc. There was an article about how gas stations are down maybe two-thirds of sales because no one’s going to work. Our state lockdown just got extended through first week of May. It’s looking like schools are done for the year although there hasn’t been an official announcement. The governor has just cut many millions of dollars from the budget because no work so no tax is coming in except from marijuana and alcohol sales outlets which are still open as ‘essential’ (?).  Our apartment is big enough that we can do our individual things and not get on each others nerves. Isabel talks a lot for free to Peru on WhatsApp which is nice.  And by and large we like being together anyway and are typically, so this is nothing new. I thank my stars every day that I don’t have to worry about how to get to/do a job safely or how to get by financially if I can’t work because my job suddenly isn’t available. It’s going to take individuals and the country a good deal of time I think to bounce back from this.
Our spirits are up although I periodically and out of the blue cry when I see certain heartbreaking scenes on TV.  I turn the TV off every time Trump comes on because he is so infuriating about absolutely everything. I stay up on the news through papers, magazines, MSNBC, NPR, and Twitter. I cannot wait for November election and a blue tsunami although there’s lots of talk about Trump manipulating things  so that he can cancel /postpone the election. That’s something major enough to be worth worrying about.

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