Love Means Caring Even If You are Angry With Each Other


Yada yada
she said really meaning it this time
and formed a fist while smiling in an effort to keep me off balance
and exhaled with sexy grace tilting her head
a sigh of annoyance
her scent wafting my way
her penetrating gaze
stretching one of her perfect legs
flame red nails almost radiating
and waiting a few beats before going on
explaining just what it was that bothered her
about life in the world today
soon getting around to the latest missteps of yours truly
and the long train of memories they sparked
and what it was she promised would help her
get over this
and even make her
growl and hum with joy
and yield ever so wantonly
when night came through
working magic
turning a train wreck into an exquisite flower
turning us back toward each other
reconnecting hearts.

August 2020

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