There’s nothing like a steaming hot tea
as birds are awakening
And a clock that’s reluctant to move or
interfere by
making you need to go somewhere soon
You can watch the moments fly away
pay no attention to time
or let it get all twisted up on its own
and finally ignore the whole wide world
the newspaper is still rolled up
keeping its secrets
And there is no radio blaring the worst on the radar for the day
Feet bare on the porch floor
thankful for staying put
The dawning sun barely touching them
There’s no rush at all
while occupying this space
while making the day from scratch
You can watch the clouds
shift across the sky
and resist the urge to take a photo
or seek a weather report
you can witness this spider crossing its web
back and forth
and stare at the grass about to grow
any minute now
You can even contemplate a brand new line of words
gently pushing their way out onto a blank page
Not unlike a delicate plant
breaking through the surface of our Earth

Not wanting to rain on this quiet parade
this slow procession through the next few minutes
but I can’t help wondering how many more of these mornings I will inhabit
Breathing deeply on my own
Taking my sweet time
enjoying my heart painlessly beating
and being aware enough of what all this signifies.


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