That ugh! and tug of getting up and out and one foot in front of the other as quickly as possible, a good kind of ugh ensues both during and afterward. I started back today (after being away from it a month and a half) with my fast walk outside nice cool wind and quiet, not much traffic. It had been about a month that I’ve been putting it off mainly due to laziness, although it was cold and rainy most days, which never bothered me before, and which brings us right back to laziness, I must confess, although I do stay busy and active around the house. I’m the king of chores. Anyway, I got entirely out the door and moving kept my old pace, but couldn’t quite make the two and a quarter miles of before, but I did get to a little over two miles, so I don’t feel too bad for a first crack at it again, but I had to push myself because breaking out of this sedentary groove is a challenge. Ultra glad I did it though. I’ll feel good now breaking out of the stiffness and moving my choo choo around like it’s supposed to move, only slowing down on the dead man curves and for traffic.


Heard disturbing interview with some militia people who swear that civil war is coming soon, and it is obvious hearing them talk that they live in a world that is detached from reality and they are more than fine with that. In that world all their lunatic ideas can reside and bounce off one another and they are hypnotized watching the sparks. Militias have existed for decades or more, but were tucked away in the hills and deep woods. Now that the former guy stirred them all up every single day, and poured gasoline on their whiny grievances of being the ‘oppressed white man’ boo hoo and maybe read a decent, accurate history book, they’re about to explode. They have become the number one threat to peace and safety in our country. They get their news from sources that lie and distort all day and night and they swallow it all whole. Zero critical thinking occurs and a whole lot of hate for the ‘others’ who they are sure just want to take away everything that makes their lives so ‘rich’.

So the divide in our country is between the races, between the haves and have nots. Both of those things are sad, but old news. Now we add to those traditional schisms, one between rural America and urban/suburban people, between college educated and those who think that education is ‘elite’ and for suckers, and now between those who inhabit a realm that is not real and those who understand what is actually going on — such as the earth is not flat, vaccines and masks can PROTECT everyone, and Democrats don’t eat babies. QAnon wackiness, for example. The attack in Georgia is just the beginning. Not a cheery thought tonight.


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