Sometimes it feels like a really small world
closing in        cramping my style
so I go out and try to breathe
to see and smell           
ever curious
ever the masochist
taking in all the smoke in the air
stifling a cough
meandering smoke sent from fireplaces in houses somewhere
now that the season has changed
and the temperature has dropped to “nippy”
Smoke from motors burning all around
revving up for cruising or just idling
as if stuck in time
smoke hanging
smoke wafting
whatever breeze there is
can’t decide whether it’s friend or foe
The toxic fragrance of trash going up in smoke
And what’s in the air from cigarettes
when wives are making their husbands stand on the balcony
to smoke
because of the baby       or      because of their latest argument
There are trails of smoke from all these airplanes going over
every model imaginable
Some smoke making its way out from kitchen fans
stirring appetites
smoke going into my lungs whether I want it to or not
doing what it does there
taking minutes or more from my life
smoke getting in my eyes a little too
interfering with my normal practice of staring all around
Seeing what everyone is up to
seeing what’s grown or died
looking things up and down
determining                 I guess you’d say
like the robots do in movies
finally looking toward the horizon
contemplating the future
and what will be in the air then.


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