Time ticking away
like a bomb
someone absentmindedly
left in my midst
Just before fleeing to their next target
Running away like flames chased by a complicit wind
in from the coast
And the river through here is what’s left of my life
winding slowly
just the way it has to
And other metaphors and similes like that
come spilling out of a language bucket like this
right before dawn
Mind wandering is all
But wondering
whatever could they mean and
speaking of buckets
I’ve got this long list right here
And not much time left to check things off
So I put on my shoes and smooth my hair down
Ready to rev up the engine
that is my only heart
and be on the road again
Road like a long black ribbon that’s just come untied
Giving off the faintest scent of things
That came and went
I am aiming to finish
goal #1 just before nightfall
then falling asleep
falling like a rock coming to rest on the bottom of a river.


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