‍‍3:07 PM, Friday, 7 January 2022

Waiting at PetSmart for Wookie to be done with grooming. He hates getting in the car to go anywhere, including for this, but he always looks good after a bath and a haircut and they do his nails and ears too, which is good, and then he’ll go home and he’ll sleep it off for a while… sleeping off the anxiety wear and tear. We haven’t been able to find any medicine that calms him down, although we haven’t tried heroin yet. Whatever the doctor has given us is insufficient, at least in the dosage they’ve prescribed. This week we’ll take down the Christmas decorations which is always a sad moment for me for some reason, but I know there will also be some relief to it when we are back to having more space.

It’s been snowing and raining here over the past week so the ground is real wet and we have a large common area behind our house that is sunken for some reason with a big boulder in the middle… and it was taking all the water off the street behind the fence that’s up a little ways to the back and the water was rushing down like a short waterfall over the hill and I was starting to worry… I even called the insurance man about flood insurance, but this is a “low-risk” area and so they,  along with the HOA, think that we’ll probably be able to weather this. The HOA manager said that they’ve managed this Kent Shires complex where we live for many years and then there is never been a flood so that’s good news, but it was a little scary there for a while and the water in the large indentation rose another inch or so during the night, but we’re a couple days now without rain according to the forecast so that should let it sink into the ground/evaporate some.

Can never find enough time just to do this diary, let alone work on my book of poems It’s Not the Moon and the other one of haikus, Zigzagging from Point A to Point Z. I just HAVE to make the time to put poems together, polish them up, and  submit them somewhere. That’s on my to-do list definitely or is it a bucket list by now? It’s 3:11 p.m. and gray cloudy threatening more rain and almost turning dark already. I’m doing this diary entry in the car in the parking lot outside PetSmart via dictation.

Due to the continuation of the pandemic and the omicron variant being so ultra contagious we continue to pretty much isolate ourselves I’ve gotten some safer N95 masks and I also use a disposable surgical mask underneath just to be EXTRA protected. Still doing largely delivery to the home or curbside pickup, and people on Twitter, which I follow a lot are talking about when this is all over if and when this is all over, people may continue to wear masks and be distant from others in public, so they’re talking about how the effect this will have on the future customs and personality of people. I guess that means whether we will be more distant and colder toward each other. If you figure it’s going on our third year now so long-term lasting effects would not be a surprise. It’s got to have leaving impression on how we see things and act, even if we’re not especially aware of the changes. It’s had a major impact on so many things and of course Trump and his wannabes and cult members have used it to be a reason for further division, rather than having everybody just follow the science and do what was best for their own health and that of others and the country.

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  1. Just read story in NYT or Washpo about those still doing all the covid mitigation recommendations including social isolation, never going out, etc. and its effects on your sub group. Interesting.

    How was your adventure into western Washington?

    And the Mrs. and daughter Peru trip?

    In the meantime here , Shapiro should be easy win for gov . Mastriano is a total nut job. Fetterman is vulnerable but too many Dems in Pa. I predict.

    Oz has plenty of negative stuff going for him plus he is not from Pa.

    Did I mention I hate Drumpf and wish him and anyone who still supports him to drop dead?


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