Visit From Afar

Daughter (still our little Gugu no matter the years) through the air and in car from the Emerald City of Seattle to the Big Apple, then back westward again to northwestern PA (Erie, The Gem City) (all the way from the great northwest of America) …lots of this way and that…and timing things so that all connections with places and people can be made, dealing of course with all the things that can and sometimes do go awry. An exhausting but exciting chore to make it all happen. Travelling mercies, I guess I should say, first of all as a little, but important, prayer. Plus I have fingers crossed. And we will squeeze in just a little conversation with her about life and plans and questions about how things are going yada yada…amidst more travel down and over in good old Pennsylvania to see her grandmother whom she loves but can see so infrequently given great distances and constraints of the rat race. But will this time see her and make that important and sentimental commitment. It will mean much to us all. Then she’ll be quickly off to shower party and wedding event and catching up with acquaintances and back on the road and in the sky. These high speed turnaround journeys take your breath away and leave us longing for more. Longing for a snail’s pace and much peering into face and closer consideration of every word. But also so thankful for what we get.


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