Fun Visit

Very nice, fun visit with our only daughter in from the far northwest. We are happy and her dog that she left many months ago is happy too to see her again although a little bit confused too because he has two ‘mommies’ suddenly. Also smells all of her pets’ scents on her and that has him a little traumatized. Like an invasion of his house or something equally mysterious and frightening for him.

We have had the chance to talk a little bit and she and her mom did some crafts for some wedding / shower business… I keep my distance from all of that obviously and blissfully. I like getting the chance to talk to beloved daughter about ‘life stuff’ and some of her career decisions in which she finds herself at this moment. I am pleased with her level-headed thinking, trying to go down the path to finding work that is meaningful and important, not just worrying about salary amount.   It is key to feel fulfilled and enthusiastic each day and not just going through the motions for a paycheck. As I come to the end of the line, work-wise, I’m glad I had that just about all the time during my life.  Of course, we wish the visit with Quilla could be longer but as I said, we are thankful for what time and opportunity we have.

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