Fear of Quakes

Just read one of the most scary things I’ve ever encountered. Not “The Strain”, which I happen to be reading right now with people losing their blood from vampire-like things. No, it’s the latest New Yorker article predicting with total certainty that the Pacific Northwest will be hit by a major earthquake and resulting tsunami that will wipe out everything for years and kill 13,000 or more people — “the worst disaster in the history of the U.S.” Great! Daughter lives there and we may someday soon too. With this being just over the horizon, much time will be spent making certain we have evacuation, survival supply storage, and meeting plans…like we did in the previous west coast residency. Good thing that as retirees we will be together just about all the time. Separation from loved ones is a common problem following disasters. We went through the 1989 San Francisco earthquake, which was horrible but would be like a walk in park compared to this anticipated scenario. This article came on the heels of the San Andreas movie on the same theme which, pardon the pun, really shook me up and brought back painful memories.

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