Reading Thrills

I have three books going at once on different devices.  I have Dear Life, stories by Alice Munro audio version coming at me while I commute (which won’t be happening anymore — good and bad to everything, it would seem!), and The Girl Who Played With Fire from late Swedish journalist-novelist, Stieg Larsson, on my tablet.  Such a fascinating character, Lisbeth Salander.  Lastly, The Cold Moon,  by Jeffery Deaver, in paper book form.  I get all my paper books used from around and about, and my tablet  and phone books are free  beamed in from the library via the OVERDRIVE app.  Amazing feat, I swear.    My favorite genre is detective fiction / suspense.  Just finished, Step On A Crack, by James Patterson, for example.  And love, Michael Connelly works and Sherlock Holmes (since I was a wee one).  And in terms of nonfiction of all types — I read mainly online — I have NextIssue app of every magazine I could want – current and back issues — at my fingertips for monthly subscription fee — very nice and no paper clutter.  I also go through Erie and Seattle newspapers, Zite, USA today, and CNN online (on my Samsung Note 4 phablet (phone + tablet)…to stay aware of what is and was and might be, who knows!  And documentaries and news shows and Charlie Rose…and one more item and my head will explode, but a nice way to go.  I’m never bored…I don’t lament the advances of technology…they have made us all able to be so much more connected and aware and informed and exposed to all kinds of art and ideas.  No negatives there.  I like paper books — the feel of them  — I find they are better at the beach (sun and glare concerns)…as well as worries about theft or damage of tablet, but I also am perfectly comfortable scrolling digital devices to get to the next page.  My only trouble is remembering everything and keeping it all straight…. but I survive…and I think it probably helps keep my mind fresh.  It doesn’t feel like I’m wearing it out — just the opposite, actually, it feels like it’s giving it a blast of energy and delicious stimulus.  I like discussion of and reading reviews about books.  Maybe in retirement I may join a book club, although that would mean I would need to associate with humans.  Hmmm.  I’m thinking about it.  Turn the page and enjoy your own book!

A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading.

–William Styron

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