This is it!  It’s taken a while but today is the last day of my FHS career.  I’m up early like it’s been forever.  I’d like to keep arising at 6 a.m. or so, which will still feel a lot like sleeping in, (after decades of getting up at a little after 4) so it’ll be adequate rest and nicely relaxing, but continue to allow me to be a morning person.  Nothing too profound coming to mind as I rush to get ready and out the door this final time, but I feel fortunate to have worked in this place with so many wonderful people over the years. I’ll be going around today taking video and photos of the place from every angle.  Glad I’m not burnt out or bitter.  Glad I’m leaving  with head held high and in good graces of most.  Grateful that I still have ideas and energy and as they say in Spanish, ganas, to take on other things.  I hope they give me nearly as much fulfillment.  I anticipate that they will, just in different, far more solitary ways, but equally fruitful and ‘juicy’ even, making me dance and laugh and feel things deeply.    I do feel satisfied by what I have been able to accomplish (with mucho help).  I had to come to that state because my tendency and tradition has always been that I’m never completely satisfied with whatever I do.  While well aware of the positives surrounding anything we did at FHS, I was always looking for ways to do it a little better the next time.  Pushing myself and others (as gently as possible) to be constantly inspired and motivated and strive for the next notch up.  But somehow, age maybe, I feel today like I am so ready to pass the baton in that particular race and move on through to the next phase.  Gearing up for that exciting prospect.  I am sincerely wishing everyone at FHS much continued success and many positive thrills.  May the challenges keep you waking up early, ‘roaring’ at the world, and deeply raring to go.  I’ll be watching you from afar, proud to have walked beside you.  All you educators of all ages still ‘on the job’ — enjoy each day, savor this time, because looking back it’s like it all just raced by.


  1. Congratulations good luck with your new life! Didn’t we just graduate from high school ourselves? Coming to the end of a career is certainly a profound milestone in one’s life. I have no doubt you have made a huge difference in many lives, young and old, and everywhere in between. Hope to see you in the not too distant future.


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