Looking Back

I’m in the process of going through boxes of materials — papers that our daughter made / wrote or that Isabel or I did over years of taking classes or working on jobs or letters/cards to each other or to us from others. This all includes photos of countless important moments and souvenirs from different places going back many decades. While it is a lot of stuff that we are trying to get rid of…it’s also a treasure trove in another way…it is our own personal history on this earth. Thank goodness technology allows us the best of both worlds…keeping that ‘evidence’ that we were even here all these years, while still being able to throw it away and free up space in basement and attics. Downsizing possessions is our number one mission at this point, not leaving that to offspring or others to do later. Technology allows me to scan everything and keep it all in a tiny memory chip where no dust gathers and no carrying and storage of boxes is required. And the history of all those moments and ideas and work and sincere expression and lived experiences doesn’t just disappear entirely. We will still have proof of it. Looking at each piece is a strange event in and of itself…it takes me back in so many ways…down so many pathways…stirs up memories which then connect to other recollections…and it turns into a wondrous labyrinth. Somewhat glorious and fun. Somewhat sad. But it feels good to be able to spark those memories. Despite it being a fair amount of work…scanning each and every piece…it is enjoyable. I do it in spurts so it doesn’t get too tedious.

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