All Day and Almost All Night

After long day on the road and a long (3 hour) Republican debate in which the only two people who couldn’t talk worth a darn or articulate a clear idea or plan were the front-runners – can’t figure that out but it is worrisome when you think about it. Despite my not being a supporter, I recognize that the others spoke well and made their points…seemed prepared and capable…but each trying to out conservative the other…and of course, poor Barack Obama is always the ‘incompetent devil incarnate’ at whom they throw whatever hurtful thing they can pick up. I wondered how many other non-Republican watchers shuddered at this. It is still all bleak in their eyes and he has done absolutely nothing worthy of praise. In essence: “everything is that guy’s fault.” It’s been what has been out there since the man took office. He literally cannot catch a break. I grow weary and dejected by it. Because it is precisely what has led to the two parties never being able to accomplish anything.

Then I later saw Hillary Clinton actually sparkle on recorded Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show…very natural and accessible and funny and sounding experienced and wise. But there will be a whole lot of launching missiles and barbs at each other in the coming months. It could easily come down to two women running against each other. We’ll see how it goes but that might be refreshing. Following the political suspense and wordy fisticuffs on the tube we went up the hill to Tinseltown for late, late show to see No Escape without knowing too much about it except the actors. Lots of suspense and fear, death and near death. Innocent souls caught up in a horrible situation of backlash against ugly American-British exploitation. Horrifying and a thrill a minute. The power of family and love against a world of hate.  In Tinseltown, it was like we owned the place. There were four other people in the theatre who then cleared out fast. We watched the credits and then left. I had never seen such a thing. We came out of the theatre inside and there was literally one guy wandering around with a vacuum cleaner. I waved at him because he was doing his duty and I gave him the benefit of the doubt because he was wearing a Steeler cap. But no response.  He was zombie-like.  No one else …no concession stand people, no ticket-takers, no manager, no theater goers…it was all ghostly and nice. Outside…I could have parked anywhere. I could have lain down in the parking lot and taken a nap for that matter.  We got home safely and then I was all wired about politics and bad guys chasing you with clubs and other weapons and with some caffeine pulsing through the veins and couldn’t get to sleep. Lots of deep thoughts and reliving the day and evening, I guess. Dawn came too quickly.

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