Man oh man, time has flown. I’ve been away from this for a while… feeling terribly negligent about it too. .. caught up with some other things. Class going well at Gannon University. Lots of work around the house outside trying to get it ready for winter, dodging the wind and rain and cold to get that done. Learning things as I do.  Its labor and honest but so different from the  pace and type of issues  that I faced all those years in school. I do follow FHS on Facebook and Twitter, however. Otherwise very out of the loop and not minding it. This has always been my favorite season… fall …nothing too unbearable weather-wise, but I love how the leaves change and drift down at their own pace and the bit of cold in the air. We continue to walk two miles per day, but I’ve had foot issues that I’ve just gotten resolved I think. That is, I hope. Pain can be a real obstacle. It’s nice to be out and bond with my beloved on the local streets.  And you feel invigorated and positive for the effort.

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