The Martian

Went very late at night to see 3d version of The Martian. Lots of interesting themes and well done film. Photo of my landing craft after the event in what looks like a desolate planet….actually outside Tinseltown. 20151111_005100-1

Themes include love and loyalty and guilt and courage and willingness to think big and think new. International cooperation really is possible!  And the muscle and tension and ‘sexiness’ of science.What it’s like to be completely alone. And to be lonely. Thinking you’re going to die. Coming up with ways so that does not happen. Being certain and proud that you’ve solved problems adequately and that everything will be fine and then suddenly again it isn’t. Bouncing from ecstasy to complete dejection and fear. The writers and actors and director caught all this powerful stuff entirely. Even in the quietest and most subtle moments. The beauty and terror of space, how much time and our own limitations make space exploration at this point so  nearly impossible. An inspiring and suspenseful film. Effects were spectacular as well as the steps it took for the astronaut to survive. How sweet it was to be back on Earth…. you could really feel that.  I love potatoes!  By the way they originated in the Andes of South America.

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