Early Drive – Familiar Territory

20, 90, 79,  and 26th… numbers of routes and streets I haven’t been on this early for some time.  Path I used to be able to take almost on automatic pilot.  Dark and coldest day of this mild winter.  It brought back memories seeing the buses and traffic and  lights on in the institutions of Fairview. Already lots of people on the job and getting things ready and done.   Had to take my sister-in-law to work today at Hanes Erie Inc. by the 90 on ramp.  Only 20 degrees so roads were icy and otherwise hazardous. Everyone in a hurry which only makes it that much more so.  That brought back memories too. 22 years of early driving in the dark with brain full of stuff,  people and things to do, and plans and dreams. Concerns about finishing things on time. Pressure to meet deadlines and getting things understood and done to a level I would accept. So glad that I can go back home now in a quick u-turn and work on other types of things. Don’t have to dive in to high school life, dramatic and fun though it most certainly is.  But lots of thoughts about very good people doing their share of duties and meeting goals.  Lots of spirit and energy and learning.   Mountains to climb for all of us still. In my mind and heart I wish them all well. Just last night I was looking through old Tiger Roar senior editions from years past …again strolling down memory lane. Plenty of traffic there too.  And what is very strange indeed is on this northwest Pennsylvania pre-dawn drive I am magically listening to radio station 107.7, “The End” alternative radio station from Seattle in northwest Washington, my future destination right now!!! Hoping I don’t have to do this again anytime soon although it is hardly torture.

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