Sister-in-law Moves Out

Moved out my Peruvian sister-in-law and her two cats (her ‘babies’) from upstairs of my house where she had lived a few years and before that my daughter had lived from age 11 until she went to college. My sister-in-law is going about 10 blocks to an upstairs apartment somewhere else. As we empty this house where I’ve lived longer than anywhere else in my life, emptying it out as we prepare to move far west and north again. Tired muscles from carrying downstairs and upstairs making many trips, but great relief indeed that it is done. Now truly an empty nest –no birds– but one dog now… down from our 4 cats and 2 dogs — that we had over the years and dear wife and true self. As we get the house ready to sell this spring if we’re lucky. We are weary from all that has taken as well. Much labor and expense and planning and hoping and wondering.

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