You’ve Got Mail


Hardly anyone writes and sends personal, handwritten letters/cards anymore although I’ve known a few who have done it for years and still do.  My late parents were known for doing this.  One of my secretaries at FHS (Hello Joan!) was forever conscientious and kind in this regard.  It is a dying art form though.  I have started to write some artistic postcards with spur of the moment messages of what’s going on in life / head / heart and sending them via the US Postal Service, just like the old days.  That along with the other, more modern, formats that less personally connect me to others in the world.  Is there anything sweeter though than getting something in writing from someone we love?  One can’t help but appreciate them even more for this thoughtful, often eloquent, act. Over the years I have saved these as treasures… even now, as I downsize, I scan them to keep in digital form for posterity.

Photo shows where such a note would arrive for me here in Renton. Next to the creek and woods of Pebble Cove apartment campus.  Where I typically get only official documents (today my mail-in election materials arrived!), sales offers, and packages.  Even my bills are online now and all paid ‘automatically’.  That’s one piece of mail I’m glad NOT to see on a given day.


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