All by my lonesome on this Memorial Day. No offense, but no complaints. I already took the freeway down to Rentonthis morning. I had forgotten a few things back at the home cave and now I’m back here relaxing in the newly finished and landscaped backyard idyllic oasis in the middle of Seattle, not quite alone now as you can see from the photographs. Reading, listening to music, sipping my ice tea, I hearing frequent planes going over Seattle but not much else, I don’t find them bothersome. I only hope they get where they’re going safely. By the way Quilla, Gregorio, and Isabel arrived safely and no luggage or customs issues. They are currently with her two brothers and father in San Bartolo, their home beach resort-town south of Lima. Their house needs some updates and Isabel and Quilla are discussing the particulars of that. They will also be teaching them how to use a Kindle Fire that I prepared for her father with — personal videos of family over the years, a collection of his favorite songs, lots of books in Spanish, and a ton of family photographs. They are starting from scratch in terms of training . I wrote up several pages of step by step directions in Spanish for them to follow too.
I talked to Isabel and Quilla on WhatsApp this morning. They’re starting all the things they need to do there, one of them of course will be teaching them how to use the brand new washing machine. It should be similar to the invention of fire, I would expect! 😉 It is going to greatly simplify that aspect of their lives at least. Pleasant weather besides in both places.


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