Update on Peru trip:

Isabel, Quilla, and Gregorio are doing considerable quantities of noble work for Isabel’s father and two brothers in their old, dilapidated home in Peru. It’s really turned into a three-man mission trip like those that churches sometimes send out to developing countries.They went to look at everything up close and see what cleaning, repairs, appliances, furniture, household products, and instruction needs to happen and to immediately make it so. They are working with a two-week timeline, and for half of that Gregorio and Quilla will be off on their side trip to hike around Machu Picchu. So proud of all three of them doing this work for the family in need. The house obviously needed a woman’s touch (no offense) and all three of the menfolk there all have varying degrees of illness. The father is 90 and lucid, but with short attention span, a need to sleep a lot, and frail. We are at least trying to see that he has things to make him comfortable, eating nutritionally, not falling down (the wheelchair and walker that we sent worked out very well), and keeping up after his hygiene. Isabel’s older brother has serious diabetes issues and yesterday was just found unconscious on a street in downtown Lima (a little city of over 7 million people!), put in the hospital, and told that he will probably be needing to go on dialysis for 3 days a week . Doing that will involve a couple hour trip to the hospital from his home and who knows what cost . Pepe is the most healthy, physically active brother, although he is has just developed prostate issues which have him concerned. Things upset him easily and he needs much encouragement. He has the best heart in the world, but does not understand a lot of things and requires a lot of guidance and support from Isabel. However, without that good brother, Pepe, even with his limitations, and Isabel’s constant intervention from afar, I don’t know what their father and brother would be doing there. Not to be overly dramatic, but it’s fairly apparent that they would have died a long time ago. So the ‘mission team’ are working hard to clean and rearrange areas, working again with the electrician to have more lighting and adequate plugs installed. They’re making big changes as inexpensively and efficiently as possible while they’re there. It’s SO much easier to do than trying to figure stuff out and explain courses of action over a phone from Seattle without being able to see anything. Well they’re doing this there are always complications. The running water keeps going off, for example, a common problem even when I was there in the 80s. When I get these phone reports about all they’re finding and doing, I really wish I could be there to help them… making store runs and so on. They could use another set of hands and communicator. But I couldn’t be with the current circumstances here. I’m holding down the forts here, keeping the animals healthy and the property maintained. Again, I could not be more proud of these three kind-hearted energetic people putting Christian love into action.

Despite the condition of the old house…here is the marvelous view they see from their front ‘porch’/patio… Isabel lived here for many years before leaving at age 26. She would be put to sleep each night by the sound of the waves landing.  I keep bugging my peeps there for more photos.  I’m a non-stop taking photos kind of guy…catching memories of these moments before they slip away forever.



NOTE – The coastal area of Peru, including Lima and San Bartolo are desert-like.  Very arid. See this view of the settlement on the coast, the beach town/resort and what lies to the immediate east of there.   Peru also has the Andes mountains and Amazon jungle, both of which you see in movies sometimes. Just not here. For the capital of Lima, or any of these beach towns.

san bartolo air view


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