The Boss From New Jersey

Doing some cleaning out of things that we still own after several attempts to downsize (from retirement in 2015… before, during, and after venturing to the western edge) and making the difficult decisions that come along in that process as you kiss some dear things goodbye…and bump into long lost treasures.
I came across a DVD tucked away as part of a commemorative package about the making of Bruce Springsteen’s album, BORN TO RUN.  This was a masterpiece that moved me immensely when it came out in the 70s.  I had been a big fan of his first two albums and the movie explains that this Born To Run LP was a make-or-break crossroads for Bruce and the band. Lots of pressure to succeed or be abandoned by the record company.  It’s good we see just how much ‘suffering’ people, even big stars, do for their art and to get their lives in order.


Tonight I finally watched the DVD with its interviews with all the E street band and Bruce about the entire process of writing and producing the songs, the thousands of choices that went into it, then the touring and the effect it all had on their and their audience’s lives. Glad I caught up with it.

Then too having gone through Bruce’s autobiography and then seeing his masterpiece one man Broadway show, putting so many things of his life into perspective — seeing and hearing what mattered / matters to him drives home just what a force he has been in our arts…in our culture…in our times…in my life.


One of my favorite songs from an early album.  Before he was famous.

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