Unnecessarily Annoyed in a Starbucks.

If I believed in suicide I might have been inclined to do something today while in Starbucks in lovely Queen Anne district. ‘Forced’ to sit next to two young ladies chatting inanely about stuff that was hard to follow, just that it seemed pretty insignificant. Way too old fuddy duddy and judgmental, I know, and none of my business.  And if it bothered me so much I could have just stayed in the car.  Breezy conversation is what they used to call it, but I realize that’s not for me to say and maybe it’s good that they’re oh so happy about whatever it was.   Maybe this all says more about my own frame of mind that that of others.  It was better than sitting next to some grumpy whiners or race baiters or Trumpists going on about their hero, after all.   I’m actually very happy too while waiting for my beloved wife  to get treatment number two on the eyebrows.  The latest thing for women, while my eyebrows are wanting to go ‘bushy’. And these young ladies were highly and noticeably enjoying some muffins. Of course, I was drinking plain black tea trying to stay within my calorie limit. Maybe that made me a little suicidal too. By the way I’m not wanting to end it all, and I know it’s a major problem in our society and has been forever.  Pardon my flippancy and the mini-rant.   And I’m actually glad that they’re content and have someone to be with on a darker start of fall day in Seattle.

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