Just heard a news report, and it’s no surprise, how Trump is forming another ‘business’ Task Force to push to get people back together at sporting events, churches, businesses ‘quickly’. He wants the country to be “open” again. but he is living in a dangerous fantasy Land and we need to realize that Trump is mainly worried that the high unemployment is going to hurt him politically. Also he’s losing big bucks from his businesses being closed. So it is an equation of $$$ over American lives. The same could be true for this drug that he is recklessly pushing every day that many doctors are screaming has possible deadly side effects.

Experts are saying that the only way for the country to be truly safe is for there to be MASS testing AND a vaccine, the latter being many months off, and despite their BRAGGING about millions of tests, those tests are mainly available in high density, infection, illness, and deaths zones, not out where people haven’t gotten sick yet, but may have already been infected.

Remember from the very beginning, Trump has not really wanted there to be testing available, (and has actually taken steps to prevent them from being authorized) because tests would have shown higher numbers of infected than he wanted. Also, from the beginning he has ADMITTED that he wants the numbers to be low :(whether real or not) because it’s much better for him politically. Remember: politics is EVERYTHING for him because he realizes and is terrified by the prospect of losing in election and then having to pay the piper for all of his sins, those for which he’s been largely untouchable during his years in office. It is highly possible that both he, family members, and cohorts could end up in JAIL. He knows that. He will do anything to try to prevent that, including risking our lives with his stunts of reopening the economy with the “big bang” he is predicting. I can’t overestimate this — that “big bang” could be a whole bunch of seriously sick humans.

The frightening concern is that people are going to be let loose earlier than is wise medically, and the country will pay a serious price for that false sense of security, with lots more people not taking precautions anymore and getting infected and infecting others as a result.

WARNING: If you haven’t learned anything yet, when Trump tells you it’s okay to go out and go back to normal, ask the true scientific experts before you do, and then check your wallet to see if it’s still there.

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