Tearing a page off the calendar
kissing it goodbye
Staring at the clock
minutes are injured and
barely limp along while looking back
tempted to turn around
Every day is now
but also yesterday and tomorrow
morning rolling into a long day then night
no change
except for the tally of infected and dead inching up
On the human scoreboard
in bright colors on the TV screen
that would inspire joy in any other context
While on the streets the lines grow longer
the latest members of the
weary and the broken
are waiting for food
or a healing touch   being quiet
A scared, hollow look in every citizen’s eyes
Every other breath they take
tears leak out
Everyone is worried about
what is most basic –
Staying alive
Where is God in this
Scraping up enough funds
and making it through
some dark future
pushing on
all the way to America’s finally
coming back and shining again.
Everyone is worried
even the fools and dreamers
who say they’re not
who are also out and about
and shake their fists
and swear undying allegiance to their hypnotist
to their three-card monte dealer
who takes far more than he gives
who lacks a heart
They are carrying signs     and weapons
and shouting at cars
Impatient                blind                  reckless
Wanting to hurry this all along
by wishes and prayers
leading each other on
pretending they can see what comes
pretending they are invulnerable
that quarantine is for suckers
and microorganisms are no big thing
Breathing close
and rubbing up against their allies
exposing their fury for the cameras
as the minutes of their lives tick away
and they are in their own small way
helping the virus to conquer the world.




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