Today I got spanked twice. Ouch and ouch! Facebook spanked me, mistakenly in my view, for claiming I posted something that incited violence. For the record: I am strictly anti-violence and always have been. And am praying for peace with an incoming sane, competent, and compassionate administration. I don’t know of any way to contest their decision and they didn’t shut anything down yet, just gave me a stern warning, telling me if it happened again I’d be kicked off, I guess. Which would be fine, if only what they were accusing me of were true. I had posted a video montage that was essentially clips of what had been happening in the Capitol insurrection attack, and the time before it…things that Trump and his allies had said. It was stuff that was on TV news accounts!?!?!and the message was that this was all bad, should not have happened, and there should be formal, LEGAL consequences — not violence. Who knows, the decision may have been made by a robot or something, as is so true with modern society… there’s no one human to talk to about it, to defend yourself and state your case. You just grin and bear it and go on to the next thing. So I’m grinning as I write this. Sort of.

Secondly, we missed a doctor’s appointment due to a sudden middle of the night illness and got spanked for not calling soon enough to cancel. Scolded via phone call and via letter.

Suddenly I remember back to thinking, probably myself, but hearing it from a lot of young people too, that they couldn’t wait to be older…adults (we’re absolute freedom reigned) and be able to do “whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted, and no one could say anything about it”. Most ‘big people’ know how very not true that is, don’t we. Here I go obeying the rules and the laws and countless stipulations and and mutually held assumptions and traditions… in the home and in society. Most for our own good, I’d say.

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