Where did this day go
Where do any of them go
to be honest about it
I chase them left and right all through the house
But first the morning crawls quietly out the rear window
and is gone
like a novice thief
who leaves a mess
but takes nothing
And this afternoon
is more up front about it
waving goodbye to my face
almost defiantly
and slamming the door as it leaves in a huff
Then here comes twilight
and the pleasantest of evenings
kissing my hand and showing the most wistful expression
right before
climbing on my old bicycle
with nary a fare thee well
or any sort of explanation
and thanks to muscle memory
gliding down the hill and out to the dark highway with perfect balance
whistling as it goes
While I am left grabbing at thin air
worn out from all the running after the day
and wondering what tomorrow might bring.


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