Well it suddenly feels like I moved back to Erie!😂 Lots of wind through the night as this was coming down has caused a very ‘uneven’ situation. I had 12 plus inch dunes and then there are small sections where you can see tops of grass. But everything shuts down here with this level of snowfall because roads and sidewalks don’t get cleared. It’s also pretty frigid with the wind 25° plus wind. Colder than anyone is used to here although there are a lot of people who have moved here from other places. I just took Wookie out and he disappears in places under the snow, but he loves hopping around and sticking his snout in the snow looking for I don’t know what and snorting.


Snow still coming down… I don’t know how many inches it is, but it’s now wet and heavy. A good six to eight ” in the walkway so I got out the only tool I have, a narrow but heavy duty ‘dirt’ shovel to try to get down to the cement, to at least give me a little bit of walkway when I’m taking out the dog or in an emergency if I had to get out in the car. I also cleared some of the area behind the car. I have four wheel drive so I’m not too worried … I would never have to go very far to get to anything, but I’m not anticipating going out anyway. It’s not the weather for it and I’m prepared for these emergencies in terms of provisions too. It could start to pile up fast again because at the rate it’s coming down, we’ll see or it may stop.

We don’t get snow like this very often… this is only the second time I’ve seen it in our four and a half years here. The last time it happened I tried to get a snow shovel and could only find this earth shovel. It’s good for breaking ice and does clear a path if you work at it twice as long because of its narrow head. I should just break down and buy a snow shovel, although I’m sure there aren’t any in the stores now, so it’s always a question of buying it after I need it, or before the next time I guess you could also say.

The soreness in my shoulder from yesterday’s vaccination was not a problem and I took it easy so as not to hurt my back. I do recognize my limitations and respect my age.

By the way, apartment management does zero for this type of weather. They don’t pay even for somebody to come through with a plow. Not even with these high rents. The last time this happened in our previous apartment complex and nothing got done when the temperature dropped all of those bumps, holes, and ruts from walking in the snow turned to solid ice which was then real hard to get around in.

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