Disappointment, although no surprise, about the outcome of the impeachment trial. That said, a marvelous job done by the House Impeachment Managers. They did not say a single untrue thing and presented a lot of evidence. The same cannot be said for the other side. And then many of the Republicans said that they agreed that Trump was guilty!?!?! but they were going to let him go on the phony technicality that you cannot impeach a president once he’s left office. Two things about this: 1. Most constitutional scholars said otherwise. 2. The only reason the trial was held AFTER he left office was because the Republican Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, insisted on it and he was in control.
He has now made a big deal of painting how guilty Trump was but then just punted so that now Biden’s Department of Justice or states’ Attorneys General will take the ball and prosecute Trump for his many crimes. The bottom line–
Sorry, America, this is far from being over.
Meanwhile Joe Biden concentrates on working hard to save our country.

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