Crisp cool air no extremes no rain although I do not hate precipitation
water is life, I know
The technology that allows us to make playlists of great music and have it come through the air like magic
My loyal, funny dog, Wookie, who is soon to turn 105!!!! in dog years and is still kicking and wagging his tail still thinking he’s a puppy in a world of interesting scents to chase down
Our health in the middle of a gruesome pandemic
A safe, comfortable, even cozy, place to be night and day
Great books to dig into and fall effortlessly into their world
Creativity, if not coming out in a gushing torrent, at least seeping out enough to get things ‘wet’ with art and words unfolding in a unique way
Two poetry broadcasts one by Billy Collins and one by Garrison Keillor
both also sparking ideas that could lead to something, you never know
A note in the mail from my sister in Johnstown
Squirrel eating things it finds and existing peacefully on the hill off my porch, both of us curious about the other
A calm, competent, compassionate president
A passionate resistance to injustice and corruption and just plain crap– still going strong

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