I’m waiting for
all the jets to land
the asteroids out there to stop with the threats
the dogs beyond my porch to stop barking
the next scam phone call I can ignore
The candle to burn out
and the room to turn black
the ghosts to stop whispering
The rain to finally cease
although I know water gives life
and makes all this grow
so should we really want it to stop?
Waiting for time to stay put
and things to not collide         to not unravel
I worry about losing the thread
For John Coltrane to lull me
into a reverie   right here        right now
waiting for my tea to cool enough to sip
with round and round rehashing of my existence
up to this point            and then beckoning tomorrow
wishing to turn this all into a sport
like running through a labyrinth
without ever standing up
then getting stuck in there
the frustration from a pearl necklace of dead ends

As I am waiting
for my lovely wife     my siren of the south   to find her way home
after all her own turns this way and that
to cross the threshold again
With a wave                that slightest special shimmy of hers that’s wrecked ships
and a blown kiss
as slow and seductive as lighting a match.

Waiting for my wife to return
to break up the dark
so I will know again what to do
and what I should have done
So I can maybe exit the labyrinth
and come to know all the ins and outs again.


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