I came across the documentary McCartney 3, 2, 1 that is fresh out of the oven and on Hulu.  Six episodes.  Last night I watched the first two and they were so good that I’m really wanting the whole show to end.  I don’t know what the critics will say, or care much, although shortly after I finish this I may check their reviews out, just because I’m curious.  But for me, the film is enlightening and magical.  Almost the entire video is of a conversation with famed producer, Rick Rubin (I know him mainly from his work to bring out the best of Johnny Cash in his later years).  I think I’m most intrigued and jazzed by the things they ‘discover’ or bring out in some of McCartney’s hits, both with the Beatles and in his subsequent solo career, with actual examples as the producer brings out different aspects of the songs via the engineering controls in the studio.  They both know how to hear things that normal listeners may not catch…and their discussions of these details are marvelous. You’ll never listen to the songs the same way again. And Paul ‘confesses’ a little of how those songs came to be, each story a gem, and also adding much to our subsequent appreciation of the song.  There are some behind the scenes commentary and views of the Beatles at work, which are wonderful.  I always found the Beatles to be quite circumspect about their working process and anything that comes out, even all these years later, is fascinating for a fan, (and I am that – I have a playlist of all their songs …different versions, demos, live, etc….and lots of covers)—Paul has seemed far more relaxed about discussing all of this in his later years, reminiscing about his fab four mates and the life they have led. It’s unfortunate all four are not still with us. I’m including a trailer for this series and recommend it highly.  It’s the type of show that you could easily watch more than once. 

I’m also looking forward to the new Let It Be Beatles documentary that will be released soon. Here’s a glimpse at that film.

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