‍‍‍12:25 PM, Thursday, 23 December 2021

A bright sunny day or at least this part of it, because in the Northwest it’s never guaranteed to last,  and while I’m not a sun worshiper, usually this house is bright and cheery when the sun is out and I know it helps Isabel’s spirits which have been very down of late. We’ve had a lot of days of dark and dreary and wet so this weather break comes as a bit of a change. I was up and out early today trying to make some returns, which are far less hectic now than after Christmas, and some purchases that I have to do in the stores although I’m still avoiding as much as possible going into places given the omicron ultra contagious version of the coronavirus /covid attack. We’ve not gotten it up to this point, but a lot of people who have not are getting it now, even the ones like us who have three vaccinations under their belt.
Today, even trying to beat the crowds by being out early, I still saw way more humans than I prefer.
As I write this I’m back out of the rat maze…in the calm of our little dining room…
eating watermelon pieces and trail mix as my first meal of the day… with almond milk and a cup of hot tea. An odd mix but such are whims. While I read an old Time magazine and Isabel and Wookie are napping.
Note… I have to study the situation here with regard to the sun directions… it seems like we may be tilted a little bit so that one side of our house is catching both some of the morning sun from the East and the afternoon sun from the west and remember our having that.

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