10:48 PM, Wednesday, 22 December 2021

Worked on cleaning the garage trying to get things ready for Quilla’s visit for Christmas… pulling things to discard or donate to Goodwill to make more space in the garage for the office and movement. And organizing things so that they’re easier to find. We’re not done with the job– it’s an ongoing process.
Went to Auburn today on 167 freeway. First time since we’ve moved that I’ve been on the freeway. I found best way to get to the freeway entrance so I can use that to go back and forth to the Auburn Walmart and even to Seattle going north.
Doing physical things, but doing them with aches and pains…. hip, back, knee, shoulders. They don’t make it impossible to do things,  just annoying… stiff and weaker than I’d like… and things catch as I move in certain ways. I really need to start walking again –it’s been a few months off now  and that doesn’t do me any good. Had to lie down some today to rest the old bones.

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