February 22, 2022

Gray cool days, which is cool by me as I’ve explained, but no snow after that one big winter snow that we had here in the Seattle area. Wondering if the gray days have anything to do with an increase in Isabel’s depression /anxiety /anger issues. Yesterday she was very dark and talking about how life didn’t matter because everyone dies anyway and she’s lost loved ones and she didn’t want to endure the pain of losing others, so she felt she should go first. I tried to talk her out of this to lift her spirits and see what’s good about her life, like I always do, and she did leave that very dark zone, thankfully. But I know she’ll go back to it and it happens when you least expect.

Reading and listening to R is for Ricochet by Sue Grafton the alphabet series with the smart alecky, world weary, independent young detective Kelsey Millhone. I get great pleasure out of these and now I’m doing a thing where I read the book and also have downloaded the audio version from the library so I’m able to progress faster by listening while I drive and having the book to read too around the house with WOOKIE, our dog, snoring beside me. And the books I buy used so I don’t have a major investment in those and I just donate them back when I’m finished because we are trying to minimize clutter around the house and belongings in the footprint I guess they call it although we still have a way to go on that. The temptation in America is always strong to acquire more things. We’ve gotten to the point though where we postpone purchasing things to some degree trying to wait out or overcome impulses.

I want to do the same reading plan with classic literature sometime soon. Finding on the shelf in my own library or at a used book store plus finding the audio version at the online library. Drinking green tea this morning …typically I drink a reddish black tea from Ireland called Barry’s, of all things. I’m still doing the fasting every day until 1:00 p.m. thing. I drink water and water with apple cider vinegar,  which is supposed to be magical in some way for your health, to stay hydrated and the tea helps too in that regard. I don’t know… the only health issues I really have are my weight and being too sedentary which I admit and regret, and a whole lot of aches and pains and stiffness which may be related to the being too sedentary. Anyway it doesn’t help for anything so I need to get back to walking.

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