feb 11, 2022

‍Notes by someone to follow on Twitter about going back to teach in after 2 years off due to the pandemic. I can relate to much of what he says here because I have not gone in to substitute since the start of the pandemic in February of 2020. At this point I’m wondering whether I’ll ever go back to that gig. The pay attracts, but it’s not especially enjoyable (not at all like being in one’s own school where everyone knows you and vice versa).

“Much debate right now about whether conditions are such that mask mandates for schools and businesses can be dropped… Many are eager to do this but there’s debate about it among experts and many people I know at least in blue states and cities say they will probably continue following the same precautionary practices that we have for a while now. There are still nearly 3,000 people dying per day.  Hardly a situation that calls for total abandon of these practices. Although I do understand that there may be differences from one place to another and some are arguing that we consider that to make decisions that pertain only to certain areas.”

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