FEBRUARY 8, 2022

‍‍A special election day here in Washington state, King County, Kent. I could have voted over the past 14 days or so as soon as I got my ballot in the mail. I filled it out in the comfort and privacy of my own home (in my pandemic jammies!). This one is only about whether to fund education in this district. You can guess how I voted on that one. 


I then went about three blocks to the local YMCA where they have a ballot box sitting outside. I could have also mailed it. Easy, efficient, no lines, civilized, no cheating, no scandal, no idiocy, no false arguments. I love these states that have this type of voting system…the whole  west coast does it this way, plus Colorado, and a few others. It’s certainly the way to go. The method should just be nationalized to cut out all of the bogus un-American voter suppression that’s going on right now in red states.

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