12:26 PM, Sunday, 12 December 2021

Although the sun will eventually break through for some ultraviolet moments…nothing very long though. Some people here in the Northwest complain about how the damp darkness of the days is depressing but I don’t find it that way I’ve always preferred cool cloudiness and shade to basking/cooking in the sun. ‍‍‍Lounging around in bed for a while today and then getting up to do my duties including making the bed and bringing breakfast to bed to my dear wife which I like to do now that I’m retired and something I couldn’t do that much over the years of multiple jobs and school and lots of stuff at the same time eating up time and I’m now kind of the proverbial house husband is what they used to call it, not taking care of kids, but watching over the dog and doing the basic chores of the house keeping things clean and neat while Isabel is working in the garage where she has her office and the storage of all her eBay merchandise.  She’s going through all that now trying to figure out what she might be better to just get rid of because it’s not selling… it’s a slow time now on eBay we don’t know why maybe the pandemic or maybe things at eBay is doing to squeeze sellers. At any rate she’s able to do that in the garage/office while I’m taking care of the house and also getting around later to reading and writing and don’t forget binge TV watching/ doing Twitter catching up…currently on TV doing the new version of CSI Las Vegas and simultaneously the OLD version of CSI which also took place in Las Vegas. I LOVE procedural crime shows and detective yarns. Wookie keeping me company, but he’s so dependent now and likes the both of us to be together or he taps about it,  so we have to close off doors otherwise he goes back and forth barking wanting us to be together and driving us crazy so he’s all right if I close everything off and keep him with me while I do the housework. I also have to put together another disassembled piece of furniture that arrived a couple days ago and I’ve done about a hundred of those in my life, this is something small… some shelves that would go next to the bathtub /shower and let me store some things away because storage is an issue in this house. That’s one of the reasons why we’re emptying out some things of her merchandise in the garage so that we could then have more storage there for non eBay sale stuff.

Pausing to have my lunch I mean breakfast, or brunch, I guess, which I do every day as a result of an intermittent fasting program I’ve been on for a while in which I don’t eat between 10 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. the next day… today having cold pizza and begging Wookie is eating the crust. He’s pretty finicky, unlike any dog I’ve ever seen, he really only eats bread and chicken… I know it’s not healthy and the vet says you’ve got to do this and you got to do that, and we attempt to do what they say, but he won’t buy into it at all, and is very stubborn about it to the point of almost a canine hunger strike. We think he would do better with another dog to govern him or compete for food with, like he used to have with our Australian Shepherd, dear old Millenia, may she rest in peace, but we’re not going to get any more pets after he goes, and he’s pushing 16 years of age. After all these years of taking care of pets we just want some ‘liberty’ I guess you’d call it …no strings attached… No duties for other species in the house… to be able to do our own wild, old age stuff and not worry about what’s going on with the pet we left at home, or having, like we do in this case… to take him everywhere we go!!! It’s a real hassle especially because he doesn’t want to be left alone but he hates and gets real nervous in the car so that makes us hardly want to go out at all not that we’re big about going out and in fact the pandemic has been more like life normal life to us than to most people I’d say. We were pretty stay at home even before the pandemic hit.  Now between that and the dog we’re even more so. And sipping hot cinnamon black tea, my standby, just tea kettle on the stove old school British-style moments with my song playlist going through a ton of dynamite songs of my own selection (I have about a hundred long lists)   as I write this right at this very moment it’s WATCH THE MOON COME DOWN  by Graham Parker from the 70s. I used to have the album and I used to hear it on my radio up in the gas station near twin peaks all night in San Francisco back in the deep fogs and total isolation.

Also in the last two apartments our extra bedroom has been Isabel’s office and I would do my work stuff in the dining room… so we always had to eat in the living room…so now that we’ve moved all of her stuff to the garage and installed a heater there, she’s comfortable and the extra bedroom we can now use as an office/library for yours truly. Two nice work spaces actually. It’s a better circumstance and it’s nice having the dining room table to use for eating or puzzles or something.

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