3:29 PM, Saturday, 11 December 2021

‍Juana called this morning saying she was congested, had chills, and a strange taste in her mouth. We called her off work just to be safe, and set up COVID testing on 10th Street on Renton. I also got her a thermometer so she could monitor her temperature. They’ll give us the test results in a day or two. Until then she’ll be in quarantine.

To do all this I had to cancel a home visit by a rep for a company that does quick bathroom shower install rehabs.  I’m just curious to see what they would cost because we’d like to make changes to what we have in their two bathrooms. But the cost may be prohibitive. I rescheduled.

Watching a movie here no sound from anywhere else it’s like there’s nothing else on the planet at this moment when I know there is a whole lot going on all around somewhere I just don’t hear it here right now… but it’s easy to be oblivious of all that in these circumstances… living in a house on the edge of the woods where we don’t see anyone unless there’s a passerby on the other side of a wooden fence and they are few and far there are more squirrels than humans…and we barely see neighbors, usually only from a distance and rarely, it’s not like when we were living in the apartment when I would take Wookie out I would almost always bump into somebody or see someone not too far away getting in and out of their car, walking their dogs, throwing out trash going in and out of their apartments people walking on the sidewalk down by the street here it’s easy to go for days without seeing anyone. We’re in our own little inner world here doing things each day to get the house ready, I’m not sure for what and I can’t help wondering if this is the last place we’ll live after a lifetime of so much moving around. I do stay aware of the world with news and Twitter and reading articles.

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