6:58 AM, Friday, 10 December 2021

Time drags on as legal authorities around country and Congress are pressing in investigations of ex president …incompetent and treasonous grifter, wannabe dictator and mafia boss, and all around scumbag …it’s taking way too long as country is torn apart on verge of new civil war. People like me dying for Trump and his allies and enablers to just get scooped up, prosecuted, incarcerated and stripped of everything they’ve stolen from our country. But millions of idiots think he walks on water and should be king of the world, at the very least, despite every day news stories of his crimes in general misbehavior for years and his incompetence and selfishness forever on display. So many willfully ignorant and racist fools out there…even to the point of dying of COVID or having other people do it because of Trump’s stupid pronouncements that just get amplified and given attention by the media. It’s an insane and absurd situation but not at all funny, rather excruciatingly worrisome.  Meanwhile Democrats under President Joe Biden are doing everything possible to save the country and do what’s right for its people. But it’s been taking way too long, Dems have always tended to take the high and noble road, but the hour is late and it’s way past time to play ruthless hardball and crush the Republicans who just want to distract and lie and steal people’s right to vote, cheat in elections, make themselves rich, and kick out immigrants and people of color or take away their rights and make them second or third class citizens. They keep looking back to a ‘better time’ and the good old days, and for some this means when there was slavery, and women were mainly incubators or for men’s pleasure only, and stuck in the kitchen, not allowed to express themselves, with no control over their own bodies. Every day we’re getting news though of officials and the courts coming down on the evil forces and criminals who want to rule the country. I still have hope and optimism, although the negative forces are powerful and entrenched. I follow Twitter and try to keep people I know up-to-date about what’s going on on Facebook, but I don’t know what good it does … It often feels like I’m howling into the wind and  the woods…a lot of people are just tied up in their lives and oblivious… they don’t even watch the news, or worse, they watch Fox which just makes up and distorts reality in order to support and lift up Trump and all that’s grotesque and malevolent. It is truly a fight for the soul of the nation and the world.  I feel like I’m stuck in the middle of it all, but on the right side in the struggle,  but it IS  exhausting and produces a lot of anxiety which I tend to only internalize, still always a picture of calm on the outside while sounding alarms to those who would listen. Isabel is an ally, an immigrant who has done wonders to get herself up to speed on all of this and to be on the side of honor, truth, equality, and decency.

Visiting my adult daughter. So glad and relieved she is sensible, uses mask and tests periodically, has all three of her Pfizer shots, and has been able to work all this time from home and will be doing so in the indefinite future.

Went to Seattle this morning to have one of our twice a month meetings with Quilla so we can chat and embrace and set eyes on each other and communicate what we’re each going through.  She takes a break from work for which I feel somewhat guilty, but she says she gets as much from these get togethers as I do.  Today I also  gave her my old bike from 5th grade in the North Hills of Pittsburgh a few people have ridden it including Quilla in Erie. Lots of miles on that bike in different cities.

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