9:29 AM, Thursday, 9 December 2021

‍This new house (to us….built in 1983) had heating problems when we moved in. We’ve replaced all the in wall forced air electric heaters so now we’re ok…we can heat individual rooms when we’re in them which is more energy efficient and economical.
Just took WOOKIE out to do his business in the big yard “common space” but because of layout nobody else uses…and it’s colder than it’s been. 39°, but “feels like 33°”. Dark but not raining yet. But it will. I always hear airplanes going over…all sizes and all altitudes going everywhere constantly. Lots of airports around here. We’re not as close to SeaTac airport as we were in Renton… we’re now 13 miles away, as opposed to 7 miles. Not much difference. Finished pretty much all the unpacking to get my office/library ready. Looks good. Cozy. And there’s a door in it that goes directly into the heated garage where Isabel has her office and storage of all her eBay merchandise. She’s trying to thin that out some to make more space. Anyway, we can call out to each other from one desk to the other. That can be convenient. Or not. Today I’d like to put down new matching area rugs in dining and living rooms. Will help it feel warmer and more ‘homey’, I hope. Nice colors and design. Right now my old bike that I got in 5th grade is in the living room…we have moved it a lot of times. One last time… tomorrow…to Quilla’s storage shed. We’ll see if she uses it. Hard to throw out an antique like this. No gears on it now, but it originally had five speeds. It was one of first in that North Hills of Pittsburgh neighborhood way back then. I put some serious miles on it in the old days. Hard to see it go but we’re really downsizing these days. Or trying to. Sometimes it’s down, then up again some, then down a little again, and so on. It’s a process and lots of variables get thrown in the mix.

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