1:41 PM, Wednesday, 15 December 2021

‍An unknown guy from a company that does bathroom shower wall inserts to remodel quickly was going to come check out our two bathrooms and give me his company’s options and try to sell me on it and I got everything clean and ready and they cancelled the appointment until tomorrow. Oh well. Not ready to take the plunge yet anyway and expecting it to be a costly project besides. But thought I’d take this first step with just one company to get ballpark idea of what such a thing would mean in terms of financial investment.

Then took Isabel to Ross discount department store and TJ Maxx. And she looked and looked and got all of her things in Ross and then they had some sort of computer problems so you had to pay for items with cash only and the line was literally about an hour long so she decided to leave all the stuff and came out. We’re trying TJ Maxx now. It’s crazy shopping…with the pandemic and problems like these (apparently they can’t get enough workers for anywhere to run their operations anything like what could be called normal) it makes you understand why brick and mortar stores are dying, if they’re this inefficient and crazy slow and inconvenient …who in their right mind wouldn’t pay a little bit more to have it come right to their doorstep? No deadly germs, no aggravation, no long waits, no rude humans.

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