11:21 AM, Friday, 17 December 2021

Two women came from the remodeling company yesterday about the bathroom rehab just dealing with the showers and bathtubs and they go on and on for an hour plus and the dog is going crazy for some reason the whole time which complicates things immensely and distracts and the noise so annoying and they’re going on and on with the sales pitch before they finally come up with the bottom line of like $25,000 which they wanted to put in a contract and have me sign right then on the dotted line then and there and they were nice but  inside I was screaming “you’re nuts if you think I’m going to pay that kind of money!”… There are other options and we’ll keep thinking on it.
Today I have somebody coming to check out the chimney/fireplace which is a responsibility of the tenant each year even though we’re not going to use it probably ever and even have the TV in front of it but you have to make sure it’s safe to use if we ever did use it and won’t cause a fire which would affect adjoining buildings. And we have to pay for it but next year and beyond I think the HOA will cover it.
And I got a crown on my tooth yesterday lot of pain pulling off the temporary one (a new experience for this… usually it just slips right off) so they finally injected some serious anesthetic and they glued on the permanent crown it feels like a good fit… that’s my 10th crown which is crazy…they do it when the fillings keep getting bigger and bigger so that there’s no longer a safe way to repair the filling so they just cover it up with a crown.  I try to practice good dental hygiene, but they didn’t start using fluoride with me until well after I had a whole lot of fillings.
Started to watch YELLOWJACKETS which is about a girl’s champion high school soccer team that goes down in a airplane crash when they’re going to a championship game and they’re lost for months somewhere in the woods and some die and the rest turn into a Lord of the Flies type circumstance with them evolving into ‘savages’ of some sort although they showed savagery as members on a soccer team in high school too and then the film  jumps around and shows the survivors of whatever happened ‘back there’ going through stuff and keeping whatever did happen in the wilderness while they were lost a deep dark secret but that torments them as adults years later.  Unfortunately they only let you see the first episode for free and then you have to get a membership to Showtime, but it may be worth it.
they do have a free week for me to check it out and binge it I think then I can jump out of the subscription. Every time I see a movie that involves high school it brings back all kinds of memories for all the years I spent there both as a student, a teacher, and an administrator. There’s unlimited material there for art …sad and funny and glorious.

I’m listening to Adele and Amy Winehouse, two Brits who both went through some painful things and produced great art…you can hear their souls stripped bare in their voices and their lyrics. You can see it in their eyes. One’s candle burned out way too quickly by far and the other is doing this career thing all her own way, taking her sweet time. Pretty different than everyone else which is admirable because humans like to be copycats.

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