‍6:08 PM, Sunday, 19 December 2021

Oh boy! ‍Fighting with my HOA who keeps coming at me with petty, stupid supposed rule violations regarding where visitors to my property have parked and where we were keeping our trash cans. Plus they’ve been slow to take care of things that I’ve asked them to do. So I wrote on my reply to the complaint, telling them what I thought of their less than welcoming attitude for new residents. I want to put in four cameras and lights around the property for surveillance and protection, but I have to file a formal request and given that I’ve just written them a feisty letter, who knows if they will deny it. But we’re down on a dead end next to woods and we’ve got some real dark spots and some suspicious characters walking right past our fence, and I’d like to be able to know what’s happening outside without opening the door or going out first.

Steelers won today… they’re having a very off year, and people are talking about it being the last year for Ben Roethlisberger, and not sure why the team is not doing well because everything looks good with personnel on paper.

I’ve turned into a little bit of a baker with only one specialty– cornbread. We both like it and it couldn’t get any simpler the mix I use, just add water.

I have the Christmas tree up and the few remaining decorations that we have are out. Trying to get in the spirit doing all my shopping online as Omicron pandemic for COVID continues or even heats up Isabel has gone to the store twice with two masks and being careful not to stand too close to people.

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